Course curriculum

  1. Introduction

  2. Chapter 1 - The power of music

  3. Chapter 2 - Music beyond the audiogram

  4. Chapter 3 - Reduced hearing and music; Unpacking the patient's experience

  5. Chapter 4 - Starting the conversation; Do you need a PROM-T⁵ ®?

  6. Chapter 5 - Creating harmony with music and technology

About this course

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  • 48 lessons

Discover a new world of hearing and music in hearing care practice

Meet your instructor Lena Batra

A little about me...

Hi, I’m Lena Batra – thank you for visiting my page! I am a Hearing Care and Deaf Awareness Consultant and Trainer and a registered hearing therapist with over 20 years of experience. I trained at the Centre for Deaf Studies at Bristol University, in conjunction with the Royal National ENT Hospital – the leading centre for specialist ENT referrals in the UK. I have provided hearing therapy and consulting services extensively - across clinical, community, academic and other professional networks. This extensive professional experience is coupled with my own personal history as a music lover who lost her hearing in childhood. This was the powerful steer that led me to become recognised as the first hearing care professional in the UK to introduce music rehabilitation into mainstream audiology services.

Want to learn more about how reduced hearing impacts music?

Then this course is for you...

Music is a powerful and important part of the world we live in and with the right information, no one with reduced hearing needs to miss out on this important offering. Whether you are a clinician looking to provide music rehabilitation in the hearing care setting, or a service provider or employer wishing to better understand the needs of your staff or listeners - there is no better place to start to unpick this complex subject. Drawing on both evidence and application-based research, in this course I provide access to (1) in-depth knowledge, insights and experience (2) dedicated tools (3) demonstrations (4) worksheets and more. I’m here to share with you the benefit of my extensive experience and expertise in this area so that you too can understand and navigate the topic of hearing issues and music. Whether your interest is clinical, professional or for other personal interests this course is structured to ease you into the concept of music as a experiential process, and what you can do when hearing loss starts to impact on music perception. There is no better course to help you understand and navigate the complex intersection of hearing loss and music.